Exciting news!

I'm really excited to announce that CWR have commissioned me to write (and illustrate) a tenth book in my 50 Bible Stories series.

It'll be based around the work and the person of the Holy Spirit and having talked about this subject with CWR for the last couple of years and how best to approach it, the 50 Bible Stories series seemed a good fit for us.

The book will be called '50 Zappiest Bible Stories' but you're just going to have to wait until it launches in the summer of 2017 to find out why.

In other news, my literary agent in the USA, Ruth Samsel of the William K Jensen Literary Agency, is still working hard to find a US publisher for a new children's book concept of mine.

In the meantime I've another book idea, which has been bubbling along this past year and is just about ready to send out to prospective US publishers. So watch this space!

I'll let you know when there's more to tell.

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