50 Christmasiest Bible Stories

As a writer (and illustrator) it's one thing having a book published but another thing people actually buying the product.

One such book series of mine which has fortunately ticked both of those boxes is the '50 Bible Stories' books which I have produced in partnership with CWR.

With eight books in print, multiple sales of some titles, one in every public library in the land and a book award for '50 Weirdest Bible Stories' you'd think that we'd be content to leave it at that.

Not so!

For this coming Christmas we are producing an additional book in this series entitled '50 Christmasiest Bible Stories' (what else!).

I'm presently in the process of writing and illustrating this book and you'll have to wait a little longer to discover how exactly I manage to squeeze fifty stories about Christmas out of the Bible.

In the meantime allow me to give you this pre-production glimpse of the front cover design and should you wish to get your hands on the other books in this series, here's a handy link...


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