My kids' books


I had my first children's book published in 1998 and since then I've authored and illustrated approaching 60 titles.

My motivation has always been to bring alive the Bible and the things of God to children in a way that they can understand and for them to have some fun in the process.

The early years

It was a book called 'What Shall We Pray About?' that got the ball rolling and featured colourful double page, illustrated spreads designed to stimulate ideas of what to pray.

If my memory serves me correctly the book was produced in eight language editions including one which had a rather nice padded cover.



The publisher was Angus Hudson for whom I subsequently produced a number of children's books.

Boring Bible


Having developed a few books for John Hunt publishing already

I was on my way to a meeting where I was planning to present to John the latest fruits of my fertile imagination when I came across the ubiquitous 'Horrible Histories' series and an idea was born. 

Over lunch I put to one side my pre-prepared presentation and asked John if he'd take a punt and commission me to produce a range of kids books about the Bible (in the style of the 'Horrible Histories'). Fortunately for me he agreed and the rest is history (but in this case, not of the horrible variety).

Six months later I had delivered the first six books in what became a twelve book series and a spin-off range of Instant Lesson Material books with publisher Kevin Mayhew Ltd.

And just to prove they did the trick, here's one of the many nice reviews we received for the Boring Bible series...

'I think this book is pretty good and makes the Bible fun to read. I like the way it has cartoons and is set out in different ways, including newspaper articles and reports. It also has jokes but tells you a lot about the kings. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes any of these types of books (e.g., Horrible Histories, etc.).'



Having had an initial meeting with CWR sometime around 2007 it soon became clear that we on were on same page when it came to communicating biblical truth and God's life through media.

I was keen to introduce a book series that helped children get their teeth into God's word and to find out for themselves how good it was.

The '50' series presented kids with fifty Bible stories

(re-told by yours truly) and accompanied by a cartoon image. The added element was the hook at the end in which the story was left hanging, awaiting the reader to dive into the Bible and to discover how things panned out.

There are ten titles in all and I was thrilled when '50 Weirdest Bible Stories' was awarded Children's Book of the Year 2010 (u12) by the UK Christian book industry.

In 2012 CWR also placed a copy of this book in every library in the UK.




The whole kit and caboodle...

The '50' series:​

50 Craziest Bible Stories

50 Weirdest Bible Stories

50 Wildest Bible Stories

50 Goriest Bible Stories 

50 Jammiest Bible Stories 

50 Barmiest Bible Stories 

50 Juiciest Bible Stories

50 Wackiest Bible Stories

50 Christmasiest Bible Stories

50 Zappiest Bible Stories


Boring Bible Series:

Ballistic Beginnings

Hotchpotch Hebrews

Magnificent Moses

Catastrophic Kings

Super Son

Hyper Holy Happenings 

Saints Alive

Christmas Crackers

The Big Boss

Crazy Christians

Bible Buster

Eggs-traordinary Easter


Boring Bible Instant Lesson Material series:

Abraham to Jacob

The Life of Jesus

The Book of Acts

New Testament Heroes

The Prophets


Professor Bumblebrain:

Bonkers Book on God

Bonkers Book on Jesus

Bonkers Book on Creation

Bonkers Book on Bible Heroes

Bonkers Book on Parables

Bonkers Book on Prayer

Absolutely Bonkers Champions comic

Absolutely Bonkers Easter comic

Absolutely Bonkers Halloween comic

Absolutely Bonkers Christmas comic

Amazing Agents of God:

Awesome Assignments

Megatastic Missions

Extraordinary Exploits

Outstanding Operations

The Detective Dudes:

Where's God Gone?

Walk Through the Bible

40 OT MINI Bible Stories

40 NT MINI Bible Stories

Books for younger children:

Who Made the World?

What Shall We Pray About?

The Bigger and Bigger Book of Bible Stories

Kids say, "Thank You God"

Kids say, "Praise God"

Big Truth Bible Stories:

Betty Boat

Rory Racer

Polly Plane

Tommy Tractor

Big Truth Bible Stories (compilation)


And for grown-ups...

A Year at St Cliff's - Derek the Cleric

The Derek the Cleric Yearbook

Professor Bumblebrain

How do you deal with meaty themes relating to God in a way that doesn't turn kids off before they've even been turned on?

This book series (which had that worthy aim) began its life with the working title of 'Just About Everything You'll Ever Need To Know About...' but before very long the central character who I had devised to present the books had taken on a life of his own and thus the Professor Bumblebrain series was created.

The books are peppered with cartoons, humour and facts and take the reader on a journey through the subject, arming them with information but leaving them to come to their own conclusions.


​The Bible is full of amazing people who undertake megatastic missions (and awesome assignments) for God – just like special agents. In these books I portray Bible characters such as Joseph, Esther, Peter and Mary (as well as Abraham, Daniel, Ruth, Paul and Priscilla) as agents on a mission from God.


In reading the agents' reports, the imaginations of young readers can be transported to the middle of thrilling life-changing episodes. These men and women from the Bible (or The God Files as agents of God call it) come to life as inspiring and exciting role models. I tap into the desire for many young people to hear about courageous people who made a big difference. This series hopes to reignite the curiosity within young minds to learn more about Old and New Testament characters, why they accepted their missions, how it led to amazing adventures and a deeper faith in their boss (God).

These books are published by CWR.


Follow the investigation of the Detective Dudes – Kool Kat and Hot Dog – as they try to find God! 

This cartoon, graphic novel is a fantastic tool for helping to explain the overall story of God to children aged 7-11. 

A great book for holiday clubs/VBS, prizegiving or just individual use.

This book is published by CWR


These books are the fruit of an exciting collaboration between myself, Walk Through the Bible UK and CWR.


They repackage 80 stories from my '50 series' into two books to give away free to school children and linked to the Walk Through the Bible presentations in UK schools.

The illustrations are those I produced for the classroom presentations and the design style of the books is in synch with the rest of the WTTB products.