Derek the Cleric

Some have said that this affable clergyman is my alter ego but that is an accusation I will vehemently deny. 

That said, I will confess to the charge of him being a shameless vehicle for my very British sense of humour.

The Derek the Cleric story

Derek the Cleric began life in the 1990s as the back page cartoon for the Christian Herald newspaper. After the publication's demise there remained a very large archive of material that seemed too good to waste.

In March 2010 I launched Derek the Cleric's very own blog in which

I brought to life not only Derek's world but that of his church; St Cliff's.

In time I added Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to Derek's media outlets and so his 'followship' grew.


The blog not only featured Derek's regular ramblings but also various other elements such as 'Notes to Self', 'St Cliff's Weekly News Sheet Highlights' and not forgetting his popular 'Photos'.

With a growing backlog of material a book beckoned and within thirteen months CWR came on board to publish 'A Year at St Cliff's'.


Derek once boasted his very own merchandise range, for a season he appeared as a guest columnist at answering conundrums under the guise of his 'Ask Derek' column and Derek has also appeared in a book entitled ‘Does God Lol?’ sitting alongside pieces by such comedy greats as Ken Dodd, Frank Carson, Milton Jones and Tim Vine.

He's to be found in church magazines and newsletters up and down the land and even in The Church of Ireland Gazette.

What next?

In Derek's immortal words...onward and upward!

There's also an animation short by Taylormation which gives a

light-hearted glimpse inside the hallowed precincts of St Cliff's itself.

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