Some nice things people have said about my books


It's always encouraging for an author to know that people are buying their books but also great to read reviews of your output that enable you to discover that your books are not only being read but enjoyed.


Here are some of them sourced from Amazon, and The Good Bookstall.

50 Craziest Bible Stories

'This book has opened a whole new world to our 10 year old son. Up until now he was just reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid but this book has really grabbed his imagination. He carries it around with a Bible and looks up the linked bible verses - brilliant! This book is really well written and brilliantly designed. We would wholeheartily recommend it.'


'This is a good book to get young people interested in biblical stories - the pictures too add to it to make this a good book for young people. I would recommend this book'


'Have been reading this with my 8 year old son and he loves it! The Bible stories are retold in a funny, engaging way with colourful cartoons. He really enjoys looking up the Bible verses at the end - it's the first time he's really engaged with a proper Bible (as opposed to Bible story books) and it's a great introduction to the real thing. Think it's probably aimed at kids in Key Stage 2, particularly boys, but I'm sure girls and older ones could enjoy it too. In fact, I'm a 40 year old woman and have been known to sit and read this book on my own. Nuff said.'


'I chuckled at the first sentence of the Introduction which bode well for the rest of the book!

The Introduction is essential reading because it explains all sorts of things, it is not just funny, it matters.

Tantalisingly each story ends on a cliff-hanger. You have to go to your Bible and read the crunch lines for yourself – very clever! Someone my age is supposed to know those endings already, but I found myself, story after story, looking the endings up in my Bible. Don’t worry what translation of the Bible you are looking at, they all say the same, they just say it in different ways, though some are easier to understand than others. The colourful cartoon illustrations add to the fun, but don’t forget there are serious messages here too. You’ll get indigestion if you try to read them all at once: take them a day at a time and think about what you have read.



'I bought four books in this series for my children to read at bedtime. They are just perfect for my 9,8 and 7 year olds. They are more grown up than a children's story Bible but the stories are short enough to hold their attention. I also liked the way they gave you a Bible verse to look up to encourage them to find their way around the Bible and to see that these stories did actually come from the Bible. I'm really pleased with them and so are my children.'


50 Weirdest Bible Stories

'Given as a prize for attendance at Sunday Club, and really appreciated by the boy who received it - a good read apparently.'


'Andy Robb can do no wrong. Our children love his books. Participially our boys 7 and 11 yr old. This book is no exception.'


'This is a great book. My son (aged 7) loves this book.

The Bible stories have been retold using modern language and each one has a cliff-hanger ending to look up in your own Bible.

An excellent way to introduce Bible stories to a child.'


'Stories from the Old and New Testament all mixed up and told in a most amusing way, with bright cartoon type pictures and the Bible reference to enable the youngsters to read how the Bible tells it and to find the answers to the questions left hanging in the short telling. I found I had to look up some of the Bible references: just to make sure I was right of course!'






50 Goriest Bible Stories

'Our 7 year old in particular loves these books. He loves that he can look up the outcomes or details in the Bible too, brilliant way to get them looking at the Bible themselves. It never fails to make him laugh.'


'My boys, aged 5 and 7, love reading these stories at the weekend. They are great for getting boys interested in the Bible, and each story ends in a cliffhanger so you look up a passage to find out how it ends. Sometimes it's a challenge to apply the stories to our own lives, but it gets us talking!'



50 Wildest Bible Stories

'Bought for my 7 year old to give him a bit more enjoyment of bible stories cause he's not at the stage of reading the whole bible yet. there's a chance to look up the story in the bible at the end which ties the two together which is good. He has been enjoying it.'




Professor Bumblebrain's Bonkers Book on Jesus

'My ten-year old loved this book so much that by the time she'd read the first few pages, she was already telling me which one she wanted next!

In her own words.........

"This book was extremely funny and thrillingly informative. I loved how it was set out in comic strip form and it's great for kids my age. I love Prof Bumblebrain's book and I can't wait to get the next one!!"

Which leaves me with a problem: finding shelf space in her crammed bookcase for the Andy Robb collection I can feel coming on....!'


"Very well written, and well illustrated."


50 Jammiest Bible Stories 

'I bought them for my nephews, as they have other books in the same series. They are a great way of getting children interested in bible stories. Thank you.'

Professor Bumblebrain's Bonkers Book on Bible Heroes

'Andy Robb, illustrator and author of many children’s books, is keen to attract children into knowing more about God and how to live the Christian life

Copying the idea of the Oscars with their awards, he awards the coveted ‘Bumblebrains’ to various Biblical heroes and heroines. Not surprisingly John the Baptist wins the ‘Weird and Wild’ award, lesser-known Gideon wins the ‘Wimp to Warrior’ award. 

On a whistle stop tour of the Bible – both Old and New Testaments, we meet a variety of characters whose interesting lives and exploits are amusingly illustrated with colourful cartoons. The script is also light-hearted and very amusing. Adults will enjoy this book as well as the children for whom it was written.

Having read and enjoyed the book myself – and learned interesting facts about less well-known characters such as Deborah and Ehud – I asked my 13-year old grandson to read it. This he did with obvious enjoyment and his comment was that it was very readable, very funny and would attract his age-group and above all attract them to delve a little more into the Bible. He noted that the author has written other paperbacks in a similar wacky vein e.g. 50 Goriest Bible Stories.

Although the pages are not numbered this attractively presented book does have 112 pages. However the amount of script on some is minimal as it comes from the characters’ mouths in true cartoon ‘bubbles’. 

Its psychedelic cover would certainly brighten any bookstand as well as brightening your view of the Bible.'


'Very happy with purchase.'

Professor Bumblebrain's Absolutely Bonkers Easter Comic

'The comic is good, well written and tells the story. I'd not realised it was a multipack so when 10 copies arrived was a little surprised, gave them out with Easter eggs to my kids friends. Bonus share of the real Easter meaning'

Boring Bible: Crazy Christians

'My nine year old loves these books. The style of writing really engages him and I encourage anything that inspires a love of reading especially knowing that he is reading about the best subject in the world !'

Boring Bible: Saints Alive!

'My 8-yr-old son really loves this series. A very funny yet informative and inspiring way to let the young kids know more about biblical truth.'

Boring Bible: Super Son

'My son enjoyed this and he is 13. I thought it was daily notes at first but it is more of a book and background read. However he wants to read them all now, so anything to get them into the Bible.'


Boring Bible: Ballistic Beginnings

'Ordered this book as a present for my 11 year old cousin. Unfortunately, before making its way to her it got very well-read! Recommended for 7-11 year olds, but equally fantastic for 16-23 year olds it seems.


Brilliant introduction to the Bible for kids who may not have read it before.'


'Andy Robb knows his subject and his readers! I wish there was space to give full details of all twelve books in the series, which take the reader through from Genesis to Revelation. You’ve never met the bible presented quite like this before! Presented in a format that appeals to children, they will soon be reading the familiar stories with a new interest. Cartoons, ‘Fascinating facts’, and much more, will hold their attention and make them want to collect the whole series. My Teacher daughter, can’t wait, to get them into her school library, where they are attractive enough, for the children to choose them for themselves.'


Boring Bible: Hotchpotch Hebrews

'Boring Bible - what an ill-chosen title for such a well written, informative, fun and anything BUT boring series! Hotchpotch Hebrews, by Andy Robb, is the second title in the Boring Bible series, and it tells the stories of Abraham, Jacob and Joseph through crazy cartoons, corny jokes and 'fascinating facts'- the perfect approach to appeal to children. Information is also given concerning the ancient city of Ur, where Abraham was born, and the life and culture of Egypt during Joseph's time. Such information allows the reader to understand more about the hardships the characters endured as they sought to follow God's directions. There is a very brief summation of 'What's been happening' as well as 'A Quick Rundown of the Main characters' in the final pages of the book that reinforces important Biblical facts and people.

Andy Robb is evangelistic in his approach to the Bible and readers are not only asked to think about what they would do if God spoke to them, or singled them out to do something that seemed impossible but to write down their thoughts as well. Finally, readers are encouraged to read the real Bible to discover 'all the stuff we couldn't fit into this Boring Bible book.'

A fun, exciting approach to the Bible despite the title.'


Boring Bible: Catastrophic Kings

'I think this book is pretty good and makes the bible fun to read. I like the way it has cartoons and is set out in different ways, including newspaper articles and reports. It also has jokes but tells you a lot about the kings. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes any of these types of books (e.g., Horrible Histories, etc.).'

Boring Bible: Magnificent Moses

'I have just purchased the whole series as I am looking for ways to make the teaching of RE in my school more dynamic. I have just given them to my year six's to review. They are loving them. The humour, the ease of understanding what it is about, the style and accessibility for them is great. These books are a real find and I couldn't recommend them highly enough.'


Professor Bumblebrain's Bonkers Book on God

'My Gran gave me this book to read. I am nine years old. I liked the book very much because it helped me learn more about GOD!!!!

I liked the jokes and Professor Bumblebrain. He is so funny!!

And I love the drawings too! I like the presentation and the layouts because every page is different!

When my Gran told me that Andy Robb was a cartoonist and that he drew all the pictures in the book I was amazed.

I assure you it is a fantastic book!!'

Professor Bumblebrain's Bonkers Book on Prayer

'Excellent resource for children.

Also used it for all ages in a church setting. 

Full of ideas that can be developed.'

50 Wackiest Bible Stories

'Excellent retelling of well known Bible stories.'