Need a speaker?

                                                          Having inhabited the publishing world as a cartoonist and an illustrator for more years than I                                                               care to mention (though I will proffer a clue as to the year I turned pro, it being when Mull of                                                               Kintyre was No.1 in the UK) and having worked with some fantastic publishers who have                                                                       enabled me to write and illustrate almost fifty books over the past couple of decades, I feel                                                                   that it's time  to offer the fruits of my experience in person.


                                                          What do I mean by that?


                                                          Over the years it's been my privilege to speak at a number of primary schools about my                                                                       children's books, be it at book weeks or stand alone events.


                                                          In doing so I've not only used the opportunity to encourage children to read, write and draw but also to bring alive the Bible and the things of God to them.


There's no standard formula for these sessions but two essentials are plenty of interaction with the children and loads of humour. 


So, if you'd like me to speak at your school then please email me and we can

take it from there.


But there's more!


I'm also happy to offer my services as a speaker or on a consultancy basis

to those involved in the fields of Christian publishing, media and Christian children's



My heart and passion is to present the Bible and an understanding of God to

children in a way that not only engages their brain but also grabs their heart. 


I'm grateful to God that so many of my books have hit the mark with kids and I'd

love to share some of the things I've learned along the way to help others in

communicating the gospel to children.